Nintendo Switch no power, draws 470mA at 5V

Hello everyone, first of all thanks to everyone that share all this useful information in this forum.
I looked at some posts but unfortunately I could not find one that matches the same issue as mine.

I bought a faulty unlocked switch off of ebay to try and fix it. Having a bit of experience in board repairs and soldering, I wanted to give it a try.

First the console seemed not to want to charge. I checked for shorts and replaced the BQ chip and M92 chip. Now the console started charging at both 5V and 15V, and checking the battery with a multimiter shows the voltage slowly rising. The console still didn’t power on, so I tried replacing the P13USB chip as well, but still no luck.

At this point I can’t find any short in the board, and it still won’t boot.
I bought a USB C tester (unfortunately only works at 5V) and it shows 470mA when charging. However, the console seems to start charging only when prompted to boot.

I tested various voltage points on the back, I get 1.8V, 3.3V and battery voltage correctly. However I don’t get 5V at the test point near the top of the board.

I tried to connect it to a PC but it does not get detected at all, not even a connection sound from windows.

I tried removing the NAND and still nothing.

I also tried to replace the USB port.

I suspect there might be a problem with the fuel gauge IC, bit I think I read that it should boot anyways to some extent.

What else can I check in the board to see if it’s fixable?

Thanks a lot