Nintendo switch no power on anymore after charging port replace

HI everyone
I have this nintendo switch that was working properly, just when connected to dock had no video on HDMI. I’ve examined the charging port and proceeded to replace. After replacement the switch does’nt power on anymore. Is charging battery, I have 3.7V on the power button, and the only voltage i can find is 0.9V on the coils above the CPU . There is no other different voltage on the board besides the 3.7-3.8V. NO components are missing. No shorts anywhere.
Any idea what could happen

It may be worth getting some pictures. You may need to put them elsewhere.

Sounds to me like the Switch is powering on if your getting 0.9V at CPU buck, I would check you haven’t bent pins on the LCD connector.

I’d also check charging current and check you have continuity to relevant destinations with a USB breakout board using one of the many USB diagrams posted here.

yes it seems that the board is powering on but it doesn’t boots up. when i put it to charge it charges the battery, 0.9V appear on the cpu coil, the emmc is povered with 2.2v, but i have no powr on the graphics v-core rail, when I press power button for 3-5 secs it powers off.RE[laced the M92T36 chip, no result. I thought it might be a BGA issue so i reballed the RAM and the EMMC, now i am proceeding with CPU reball. I’ll come back with results. Does anyone know how to add pictures here (when i try upload button it saies Iam not allowed to upload media here), i could upload some pictures with details about the voltages

I see,

by the sounds of if you have a short on your 3V3PDR, measure the resistance to ground on this rail with and without the EMMC module connected.

It would also be good to know the charging current but atm I would not power on the board until you can verify the above rails :slight_smile:

You can post photos after a few posts, or you can upload them to an external site and add a few spaces in the link