Nintendo switch no power on & no charge

Hello, first post here and first time fixing a Switch. I recently got a Switch that won’t turn on and doesn’t seem to charge. I looked for short circuits and I found a lot around both of the MAX77621 so I removed them from the board, but the shorts are still there. I kept looking for more shorts and there were a lot.

I still can’t upload images so I’ll do my best to explain what capacitors are the faulty ones (considering that the USB port is placed on the bottom for every reference):
From the front of the MB:
Almost every capacitor around the MAX77621 chips
A capacitor around the BQ24193, the closest one to the rigth joycon connector that is placed vertically
A very small capacitor from the top left of the board, the one to the left of the biggest capacitor of that area
From the back of the MB:
Around the MAX77620, the capacitor on the left side that is the closest to the square with an arrow drawn in the board
Behind the processor there are a lot of capacitors. The faulty ones are: one in the middle that is placed vertically and two whole columns of horizontally placed capacitors that are very small and are just to the right of the other capacitor.

I’ll try to add a photo somehow but i hope that I’ve explained myself.
Do you know what could be happening?

Thanks! (and sorry for my English :sweat_smile:)

I added photos to a post named “Switch not charging & not power on” to another forum called “gbatemp”. I can’t add links either… (sorry) but if you want to find the photos, they are uploaded there and I hope it’s easy to find.

HERE is your pic from another forum, help you repost here for easier understanding

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