Nintendo Switch no screen docked

I have a Nintendo Switch model HAC-CPU-10 which refuses to display an image on the television.

I changed the P13USB, the charging connector, the M92T with no more results.

The screen goes black when the console is in the dock but nothing is displayed.

I found a diode next to the M92T which had burned down, I changed it. I also changed a capacitor under the P13 which had disappeared.
I tested the filters, none are damaged.
I’m not sure where to look for more …

I also found a capacitor, at least I think it was a capacitor, which is ripped off next to the ALC component but I don’t know the value. I didn’t replace it suddenly but I don’t think it has anything to do with it, do I?

Thanks to you for your future help;)


If a moderator see this message, you can delete the topic. I find the solution. Thank you.

But what was the solution? We need to know now! :laughing:

Oh ok !
As nobody ever answered, I thought nobody interested;)
It was a capacitor to the left of the P13USB. There are two 100K resistors, one of them gave 47K. I changed the capacitor that followed and the resistor returned to its value.
The image on the dock came back afterwards.

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Oh, interesting. I haven’t heard of that as an issue before, nice find!

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Can you please show à picture ?
Congrats for the hard work!

Thank you.
The resistor with red square was the faulty my case.

I hope that could help you.

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Hi there Tiripstruk. So if none of the things are working out for your switch while it is docked i would like to suggest moving the board that is in the dock itself. i have fixed many of the first gen docks this way. You will move the board closer to the cord ports for power and hdmi. I know it sounds weird but i know that is is a simple fix. it is mainly do the the power cord not fulling engaging into the dock itself. Hope you have a good day.