Nintendo Switch No Signal

I have a console on the bench with no sign of life, taking the measurements the voltages of 4.2v on the battery connector are present, 3.3v on pins 5 and 6 of the m92 too, I didn’t find any shorts, the console doesn’t even give a signal in the rcm

Heya man,

Can you just follow along with the following topic and provide your resistance measurments to ground at the following locations surrounding the main PMIC

I guess your not getting RCM with even the EMMC module removed also?

Which usually points to a [boot] CPU related issue, the measurments above will hopefully let us know, and just to say this may be an internal SoC failure but let’s hope for the best :crossed_fingers:

I will follow this topic, thank you sir

Diode, voltage and resistance values

Something wrong?

Obs: The values ​​in red are my measurements

Unfortunately you have a dead short on your boot CPU power rail (0.5 ohm)

Typically this would be internal SoC damage :frowning:

You can try removing the two inductors (highlighted the first one in yellow) and see whch side of the pads remains short to ground in case it’s the PMIC at fault.

You could also remove the SoC shields and inspect the area in the unlikely event there is liquid/corrosion under the SoC, though I don’t think that’s going to be your problem.

Sorry actually it’s 50Ohms not 0.50omhs

Then there is hope :smiley:

Whats your resistance to ground on pin 6 of the M92 IC?

Also might be worthwhile taking some resistance readings on the two Max ICs top side on surrounding components, just in case.

failing that, I might be looking at the ram a bit closer. though I seem to recall you’d still get RCM with most ram related issues.

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So I’m not receiving any signal from the RCM

Pin 6 is having a resistance of 150kohm