Nintendo Switch not charging and no powering on

Hi everyone !

Need some help on this one.

Just had a Switch that ain’t strating anymore. The last owner told me that it doens’t used it during a long time and when he tryied it, it didn’t start anymore…

So i check the battery inside and i got 2.5V so i think this one’s dead, no?

When i plug the ubc charger i got those mesures :


I tried an other battery ( 3.8v tested) and i got those mesures :


better ones but still not booting, and no screen nor sound …

I check the M92,the PI3 USB and the BQ24 chips, it seems to be okay, no caps shorted.

But i’ve got a lot of caps shorted around the 3 MAXX77 chip.

I don’t know exactly which ones must be coils or caps, but i know this is not normal for somes. I know maybe there are caps with small resistance that can bip during test, or maybe it’s just brick … but need your help guys.

Tx a lot !