Nintendo Switch not charging joy cons

Hi! Im new and wanted to share a case I have on my repair shop and maybe someone has this experience before?, We have a Nintendo Switch that does not charge the Joy Cons, we replaced both bars on the consoles and tested various joycon units, half charged and discharged it doesnt matter the switch does not charge the controllers, checked the charge caps for shorts and nothing seems wrong, the console charges but the joycons do not. Is there a chip that managed the charge for the joycons? or a capacitor? Really weird case. Thanks again!

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I’m not 100%ly sure to be honest, but isn’t the BQ24193 involved in chargin the joycons, too? Or do they have separate chips for charging?

Does the system fan work?

Hi thanks for the reply, the Fan is also not working now that you mention it

Ok then it’s the same problem as this post.
Search the forum

You’ll probably have to use a donor board for the part though unless you can find out what it is.

Let me know if you find out. It has pu on the ic

There’s also a really good thread on gbatemp with a lot of the switch components listed sadly I don’t think that one is

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thanks I searched but nothing is found

I can’t post links yet. But if you search 5v boost In these Nintendo switch forums it has a picture of the ic you need to change.

thanks I will replace it later and post results thanks!!!

Ok Update, replaced the chip and its still not charging. I did replaced that same chip on another switch that was not doing the handshake on the left side joycon and it fixed that switch. Buuut im still trying to figure out this one… :frowning:

Try the small diode where the fan plugs into the board.

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I dont seem to find wich diode you reffer to, second board with same problem arrived today now I have 2. thanks

Have a look at 5v boost chip post there is a image on there.

Thanks for the reply, but replacing the PU IC does not fix this issue ive tried on the 2 boards. The PU chip does fix handshaking issues. These boards do not have the diode on the fan connector.

Ok update, it worked. it seems the chip I placed was defective aswell. So now its working. Thanks.

Ah good news. If you ever need parts just let me know. I have a load of boards.