Nintendo Switch not charging

I purchased a nintendo switch to repair; I came here to ask for advice about what may be wrong with it.
Board: PWB/ AU/ CHN HAC-CPU-01

Fuse has continuity
The battery does not charge, I plugged it into the usb c charger w/ battery and left it for 30 minutes result being battery went from 4.06v to 4.02v.
There is a shorted capacitor on pin 18 of the MT CHIP

Voltage Readings (From Caps)
Pin1: 14.97 V (W/ Charge + Batt plugged in)
Pin 5: 3.29V (W/Charge + Batt plugged in)
Pin 6: 3.30V (W/Charge + Batt plugged in)

Voltage Readings (From Testpads)
Cluster K (Batt, Batt+ Charger, All unplugged)
Testpad 1: 0V, 0V, 0V
Testpad 2: 0V, 0V, 0V
Testpad 3: 0V, 0V, 0V
Testpad 4: 0V, 0.1V, 0V
Testpad 5: 0V, 0.92V, 0V
Testpad 6:0.06V, 14.96V, 0.03V
Testpad 7:0.05V, 14.97V, 0V

Cluster L (Batt, Batt+ Charger, All unplugged)
Testpad 1: 3.61V, 3.60V, 0V
Testpad 2: 0V, 0V, 0V
Testpad 3: 3.61V, 3.61V, 0V
Testpad 4: 0V, 0.1V, 0V
Testpad 5: 0V, 0V, 0V
Testpad 6: 0V, 0V, 0V

Any idea what’s wrong?
Note: I’m going to disassemble the unit today and look around even more, just held off on that in case there was anything I need to check with everything plugged in.

I think I’m back with grim news for myself, a good amount of the large capacitors underneath the CPU are shorted. As I’m still a newbie though is this a death sentence for this switch…?

No shorts around PI3USB and filters seem fine…

Hi DegEgg,

if pin 18 at the m92t36 is shorted the ic can not communicate. It s the powersupply for the ic IOs. Maybe the cap (1µF) is bad and shorting the VDDIO line to ground.

Extra info I was advised to gather on another site

Pin35: ~0.94V ----> Charger rotated 180 degrees Pin 35: ~0.11V
Pin37: ~0.11V —> Pin 37: ~0.93V

Fluctuated from (0.08V to 0.11V)
Fluctuated from (0.93V to 0.94V)

Battery Connector on PCB
Pin1 (from left): ~3.4V
Pin 2 (from left): ~3.4V

Fluctuated from 3.4V to 3.8V

I plucked the capacitor off and checked the pads, yes the capacitor was bad… Would you happen to know where I could pull a spare from the donor board… not being in that same spot as I have a donor board where I already stole that one.

According to the datasheet from the M92T36 the
pin 6 (VSVR)
pin 18 (VDDIO)
pin 27 (VEX)
pin 36 (VCONN_IN)
pin 38 (LDO15DCAP)
pin 39 (LDO28CAP)
pin 40 (LDO5ACAP)
are connected through a 1µF cap to ground.

Change M92T36 with a new one/