Nintendo switch Oled broken cmd capacitor, where to order replacement?

I was installed hwfly on my new nsw oled and it was working fine and randomly stopped. I noticed the ribbon cable was broken and “point A” was not connected. So i decided to manually connect it via a wire to the chip. Everything working fine but i got “emmc int failed” error. Searching online, I didn’t think it was my emmc as it was working perfectly fine before. Then I saw someone mentioned that it may be the CMD resistor aka the resistor on “point A” on the ribbon cable. Now after about 5 attempts of flux and soldering. I got the switch to boot perfectly fine (but hwfly was disconnected). I then once, again, got impatient and tried to wire the points together and it must’ve burnt the resistor this time. Because it looked liked it was bridged by solder and because of it’s size it’s hard to get a reading on multi-meter but I got none. When it was fixed for a moment, the reading was around 3.8K or 4.8K, i can’t recall. I’ve attached a photo from another site of someone with similar issue, it seems common.

I was wondering what the actual value of this resistor/capacitor is? and the one to next to it? and most importantly, where can i order the replacement parts of this?

I’m also unsure if it’s a capacitor or resistor as the term is being used interchangably on the fourms. Do i need to have the specific capicatence value along with resistence to replace it?

(since i can’t attach images or links)
The image will come up if you google " Switch OLED missing the CMD capacitor" it’s on gbatemp. exactly the same resistor/cap and the one next to it.