Nintendo Switch Oled - no boot - defective part identified - need replacemant part

I have a defective OLED Switch which won’t start. I have identified some shorts and after putting voltage into the switch I have identified the defective part. Once removed the short is gone - where I was happy to find the defect.

As this component is unknown for me I’d like o ask if someone can help identifying the component or if this part can be ordered somewhere. I have many V1/V2 donor boards but no donor for the OLED.

Maybe someone can help me with that or at least have some tips ?

Max77801EWP from your pic

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Great - thanks for the help - will order a spare part - hopefully I can fix the switch with that.

Where was your short component despite this chip

One on the BQ - also on the Max Chip. The chip where I injected voltage was short.


Do you remember how much resistance to ground(from where you inject voltage)?
That seems to be Vsys/Vbattery

No, I do no remember der resistance to ground from that point. Was a strange behavior as switch charged with 0.41a with no screen.
Hopefully I this fixed with the new IC…