Nintendo switch oled

Hello guys/and first of all I’m sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian!

So I would like to talk to you about a problem that I am experiencing with some Nintendo Switch oled modified with common HWFLY chips (with DAT0 adapter) then the problem in question is that the chip turns on in blue and immediately after it flashes in yellow in series of 2 for 3 times (so 6 flashes) I tried to replace the chip le Flat the DAT0 adapter but nothing (I use DAT0 adapters with 4 pin anchor) of course I am a technician and I do not do it on an amateur but working level! If anyone managed to solve this problem let me know, the situation is as follows when I connect it to the bench power supply it brings back 0.5A and as if it were in some sort of brick, thank you all