Nintendo switch only charging at 0.43 amps help needed

Unpatched Nintendo switch.

was shorting on m92 and p13

usb port was damaged ripped all the pads off on under side.

removed usb c port installed then installed m92 and p13. booted with a battery.
( knocked a few components around m92, but I managed to put them back)

went on to solder micro traces on port ( first time) ngl I was pleased with the result.

unsure if the inner ones are making a full connection but the console docks perfectly and I tested if there was any bridges and there isn’t.

one thing I’ve noticed and it’s why I’m here is. when charging it only charges at 0.43 amps both sides of connecter.i can sometimes charge at 0.73 amps if I fill the connector around fast.

I get 15v on my multimeter when I test the point on the forth pin??

I replaced m92 again, as I’m not a fan of my soldering on that ic, it always looks like I haven’t got enough solder onit.
But when I try and add more with a iron, I remove the resistor etc.

I reflowed bq. but it made no difference.
any advice would be appreciated


If you are getting 15v and 0.7A, I don’t think you need to worry about the chips. If moving the cable changes the charge, I would take another look at the usb port. I guess some pins are not making a good connection somewhere.

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yes I get 15v on the forth pin with the official Nintendo switch power supply. ( not sure on the amps)

when I use my usb voltage tester I generally get 5v at 0.43 amps.
With this tester on other switches I get 5v at 0.43 amps, then it jumps to 1.43 or something like that.

you maybe right about the connector not making a solid connection,
But because it was my first trace repair, and the console docks.

I’ve decided to keep this switch for myself, and sell mine

thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it.