Nintendo switch only starting up when joy cons are connected

The Switch only switches on after the left joy con is connected. After that it works perfectly.


This is definitely something special. Could you disconnect the left and right rail ribbon cable and see if it turns on?

I disconnected both ribbon cables. It doesn’t switch on. I reconnected the cables and connected the joy cons. It doesn’t switch on. When I disconnect the battery and reattach it, it switches on. The joy cons can now be disconnected and the switch plays as normal.

remove all joycon rail cables,turn on switch and connect to PC see if it’s in RCM mode

Sorry jkyoho, I’m not very good with software. I have absolutely no idea of how to see if it’s in RCM mode. Is there a programme I have to install?

download TEGRARCMGUI from this link run the exe and see if your device on RCM all the time

It’s saying "no RCM connected

you mean you charged you device and connected usb cable to PC and pressed power button?

Yes that’s correct…