Nintendo Switch - Power Button does not work


I have been researching this a bit but couldn’t find anything.

Have a Switch that stopped working and thought it was dead. Was my 4 year olds and couldn’t get it to turn on. No idea what happened. Fast Forward a month, decided to mess with it and when I put in new joycons / plugged it in and the charging icon showed up. Gave me hope.

Anyway, after messing with it, it can turn on, functions and works nearly perfectly. Turns out, the issue was the power button it seems. Volume up and down work, but pressing the power button does nothing. Press, nothing, holding it, nothing.

So figured, after reading here, faulting / damaged button. Ordered a new one. Just replaced it. Nothing different.

One odd part, is when I get it to turn on via Joycon or plugging it in, turns on normal and is fine. When I put it into sleep and then wake it, it is almost as if the power button is always on as the “turn off” option shows up which only does by holding the power button. And then, generally powers off.

Any directions to go to? Or other tests / avenues to check?

Thank you!