Nintendo Switch - puzzling problem

Hi all,

I have a 4 switches here that display a strange problem. When you go to system settings - system - and scroll all the way down to formatting options using the left joycon it works fine however when you try to scroll back up using the left joycon it only moves up 3 menus and sticks. Basically it won’t move the page up to get to the next menu. The right joy con works fine and this happens with the left joy con connected directly or disconnected from the side of the switch. I’ve tried multiple joy con’s and get the same results.
Either using the thumb stick or the D pad buttons on the left joy con has the same issue.

I’ve changed the side rail on one of the switches as a test and get the same fault.

occasionally by mashing all the buttons I can get it to work but even then it is sluggish when moving up.

Just to make it more confusing when you move to the left hand menu’s (system, TV output, etc) the left thumb wheel works but is slower than usual but you can move all the way up.

So it seems that the left joy con (multiple) has issues moving up on certain menus in system settings. Anyone come across this problem?

Anyone know which chip is responsible for the left joy con on the motherboard?

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The one in the picture may be to blame. I do not know what the value is and what it is but it seems to be an ic controller or mosfet. Maybe you can put one on a donor board to do a sample.


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I’ll give that a try and pass on the results.


so I finally figured this out. turns out its the right hand side joycon causing the issue. If you get this problem (left joycon doesn’t scroll up in system menu) then remove the right joycon and press the reset button on the side and leave it disconnected from the console. It looks like the right joycon has an issue and I’ve replaced it with one that doesn’t cause the problem.

Next task will be to see why the right joycon causes the problem but for now this is fixed.