Nintendo SWITCH REPLACED P13USB and mq92 chip still shorted???HELP

Hey guys, i trying to fix a faulty nintendo switch,

first of all i changed the USB Port because was already damaged,

after i checked the caps, near the mq92 , was one shorted and on the back also one cap pics yellow marked was shorted, so first i replaced the video chip (p12USB) ,caps still shorted and

after replacemend the other chip mq92 the caps are still shorted, now i dont know what i have to do next…

i took the cap away near mq92 away see but is still shorted… marked quellow on the pic, took it away

here the pics, i marked the caps which still shored…normally after taking out the chips the short has to be gone…need your help, sorry my english isnt the best

I have experienced the same kind of board with you, I think, but this seems to be the main core short

Does anyone have a different opinion?

would be nice if someone has any idea, took the emmc away, but the short is still there

The 4 caps near the PI3USB are smoothing caps for the 3.3v rail which feeds into the IC. If you are getting a short across those caps, it means there is something else on the board that has failed. You’ve simply determined it’s not the PI3USB!

If you were to refit the M92 you could possibly check for heat generation when the board is on power (IPA will evaporate more quickly on warm components if you want a quick and dirty check!).

Perhaps the BQ battery charging chip would be the next chip to remove?