Nintendo Switch Right Joy-Con No Longer Has Bluetooth (or wireless) =Capability

I recently had an issue with my switch in regards to the left joy-con, where the console could not detect it. I sent it to a repair company called “Square Trade by All State” as I purchased a warranty with them through amazon when I bought the device. They did the repairs i asked for AND did some repairs I did not ask for. The rails were replaced and they both read attached joy-cons perfectly for handheld play. BUT they also opened both of the joy-cons and replaced the lock switches, and also replaced the analogs as well. They tested the devices for functionality and saw it all tested good, though i believe they only tested them while attached and in handheld mode. BECAUSE as soon as you release the right joy-con for wireless use, it doesn’t connect at all. I also tried another switch, and even Bluetooth connection to a computer.

I have searched online and I’ve searched this forum, and everyone suggests disconnecting the remotes, and re-pairing them to the console. i have indeed tried this and can confirm it does not work in my case.

As I’ve stated EVERY other function works, all button inputs and even the new sticks they replaced, but no wireless function in my right (pink, from Splatoon 2 edition console) joy-con

I have opened the joy-con and fully deconstructed and re-constructed it, thinking maybe it was a loose ribbon cable, but it has not fixed an issue, AND everything is still fully operational aside from the wireless function.

TLDR: Right Joy-Con has zero Bluetooth function. I have run all self remedy tests, such as disconnecting and repairing, and even as far as disassembly/reassembly, with no fix as a result.

Question: Does anyone know how to repair this? Or if it is repairable, and if so, is it worth it? (i ask this because it is the limited edition pink right side).

It sounds like pretty much everything has been tried so I’d guess it must be the bluetooth chip on the motherboard of the controller. Your best bet would probably be to buy a used controller and just swap the motherboard into yours. That’s my guess based on what you’ve written.

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I started looking into buying a new board, it’s roughly similar to the price of a used joy-con… I don’t have the tools or know how to swap a Bluetooth chip haha, so that’s the only way myself could do it. The company I sent it to offers a repair again policy that I could send back again, but I was just out a switch for a week and a half and couldn’t play Pokémon!!! So I’m looking to keep my stuff at home and learn a thing or two in the process.

Is there any better source to buy a new board, so I know I’m getting something good?

Unfortunately, the only way to buy boards for these that I know of is to take them from other controllers.

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I’ve gone and grabbed a used one. As a side question, I don’t seem have my issue fixed from the original repair. Is it possible that there is a chip that had gone bad inside on the board? A chip that is used to read joycons? Because my wife rails have been replaced, and the left is still iffy. I am planning on opening it to see if the ribbon cable is fully attached, but as far as the main console goes I don’t mess with it too much. I’m thinking I may have to give in and have an official Nintendo repair unfortunately… I can’t find any info on this topic yet again…