Nintendo Switch Right JoyCon won't charge once connected

Hello, I’m new to this forum and trying to fix Nintendo Switch, been using the website for help when i run into problems, but i can’t seem to find an answer to this. Though as i’m new to fixing so it might be something simple!
I bought a faulty Switch from ebay, (like everyone) which was “not charging”, i replaced the charging port and everything worked fine until i noticed that the right hand joycon (when looking at the screen) didn’t charge when connected to the switch. It locked in and worked fine, it was just the charging that is the problem. Joycon isn’t at fault as i have tested it on another switch.
Read a bit about a diode near the fan FPC, but my board doesn’t have one. (HAD-CPU-01). I replaced the rail itself and when that didn’t work, i replaced the rail FPC, which also made no difference. i was looking for issues when i noticed a short on one of the test pads on the rear of the FPC, near the PU/SO chip. The pad isn’t shorted on another board i have and i can’t work out where the short might be coming from.


Also is it possible to purchase the PU chips? i’ve handily blown it off the board trying to see if it was causing the short and i can’t seem to find them anywhere online!
Thanks for any help!

As far as I can tell that pad connects to the back light IC… as for PU chips, I have always removed from from other boards.

thanks, i’ll have a look around there. Backlight had been working so would it be safe to think that the switch can live with that issue if it’s unconnected to joycon charging rail?