Nintendo Switch SBU1 OL

Hey everyone,

I replaced the USB-C and checking the pins, I see Pin8 SBU1 shows OL while everything else looks good. No shorts on any capacitors or the video chip on the back. Any help would be appreciative.


How did you make the measurement, powered by the battery and the power supply?

I did the board by it self and with power supply. I did notice pin 9 acts as a ground when the power supply is connected.

Pins A4, A9, B4 and B9 are on the same ciruit (VBUS) on the Mainboard. If one of them acts as a ground You have a short to GND on VBUS. I would meassure in diode mode without battery or power supply connected. If there is still a short to GND the problem is on the mainboard. If not, the power supply might be faulty.

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I tested without the battery or power and the ground is gone. Though Pin 8 is still OL. I plugged it back in and now one of my capacitors for the BQ24193 has a short. Removed the chip and the capacitor still has a short

I would first check the connector at the power supply and the new port on the Switch for bent pins.

Thanks Calvin for your suggestions. Forgive me but I’m still learning switch repairs. What should I check at the power connector? That I’m getting 5v input? I have installed a new port as well.