Nintendo switch shorted cap both ways

I got a nintendo switch from a shop for repair it was charge port replaced the charge port one side of USB C loads 0.45 the other side 0.00

I checked for short near M92T36 and found one cap shorted in both directions.

I removed both Charge ic and the cap short is still present in both ways.

Please can someone share a schematics or a board view or any help how I can identify the short?

I uploaded the shorted cap place.

This cap even after removal of Charge IC and the cap short is still present

cap itself is not shorted.

remove PI3USB on back side and check again

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Ok sure will do now and update you please follow up

I’d pull the M92 first given that the USB was originally bad (and still is by whoever installed it)

No Schematics for Switch unfortunately but search the forum. This issue and many more have been covered a bunch :+1:

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Thanks I removed that IC and short is gone.

I will put M92 back and hop is good!

Will do for sure and share the solution.

Should I replace the PI3USB?

now is power up charging on one SIDE of USB only

Check usb port with breakout board if you could, otherwise replace m92 and see if any differnet

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I replaced new one looks like the chip is bad now is no longer charging…

I will put old M92 IC it will charge one side only I don’t know where I can get working ones…