Nintendo Switch Shows green Charging symbol and flashes Nintendo but won't do anything else

Hi! I hope everyone is safe and healthy right now. I recently got a ‘broken’ Nintendo Switch off of eBay and it is weird. It will only charge on one side and when it is plugged in it will flash the green charging symbol on the top left corner of the screen. Then if the power button and the volume buttons are held down the Nintendo logo will flash but that is it. Any help is appreciated!! I can send pictures if you want.

I would check for shorts around the M92T36 chip. I believe that may be the issue.

Where is that chip? I took the motherboard out and the charge port is burnt on the bottom side- could that be the issue?

It’s the one just below the highlighted piece. The black square

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Here is a better one

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maybe the M92 chip already replaced by the previous owner , if so probably one or multiple pads not solder correctly

did you replace the usb port? sounds like inner pins didn’t solder properly and thats the reason it only takes charge by one side of the usb connector… about the console only booting to nintendo logo i agree with @Cberry thats usually a sympthom of a bad MT92T36 chip…

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I have not changed the charge port will test the chip though… I have a flux pen and a cheap soldering iron can I replace the chip with that or will it be a struggle? I also have a heat gun…

To replace that chip you need a hot air station, and a lot of experience… if your intentions is to learn, then im going to show you this video about the procedure…

I’ve removed chips before off of a Tivo- getting them on is the issue- I can probably hack it with my heat gun with a tiny tip though… it’s a pain tho cause the chips are expensive

So I did a quick test with my multimeter and the chip is not shorting but the capacitors in front of it (closest to the charge port) are shorting… is this a battery issue?

its not a capacitor but a fuse… its supposed to be shorted so its not a problem.

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Update: I took the entire thing apart and cleaned it. I plugged everything back into the motherboard and the problem persists. The charge port is burnt on the bottom so I will be replacing that. When it is plugged in the Switch shows an icon in the top left corner of the screen with a green battery. I left it charging over night before I took it apart and the battery was almost at full when I unplugged it an replugged it in in the morning. When the volume and power buttons are held while the device is plugged in the Nintendo logo will briefly appear on the screen. Here are some pictures of everything:

Altough the chip is not shorted doesn’t mean it’s working properly, only way to find it out is by replacing them…

That’s so annoying and they are expensive- is that the only chip that could be causing the problem?

it’s a 10-15 dlls chip… i think it’s pretty cheap if you compare to the cost of a new switch… another option is taking your switch to a repair shop… where are you located?

Since I bought it on eBay with the intention to fix I won’t take it to a repair shop…it’s just such a weird problem
The chip won’t come for a month
Is there a way to test the battery? I.e. with a multimeter? It shows that it is charging (the green battery will increase in how much it is filled if it is left charging)
The problem can only be the M92T36 chip, correct?

problem could be caused by many things, but your only way figure it out is testing… but for example, i had a nintendo switch once with the same problem, no shorts on M92T36, and it was booting just like yours… i replaced that M92T36 and the problem was solved…

have you tried to start it on autorcm mode?

What is that? I haven’t heard of that before