Nintendo switch taking 0.65 amps not turning on

Hi there :slight_smile:
usually I’m working on macbooks but wanted to give a try on a nintendo switch. So i’m very new in this topic.
I bought a nintendo switch, not turning on, opened before but no signs of previous repair attempts.
I found P13USB defective, causing short on the big cap next to it. After replacing P13USB, the short was gone and I got 15V steady 0.65A (with battery connected) on my ampmeter but I don’t get any display and no reaction on power button.
What could cause this? Bad battery?

I would aperciate any help about this.
Thank you.

Addition: Bin 5 & 6 on M92T36 give me stable 3.3V :slight_smile:

check with PC if its in RCM

TegraRcmGui says RCM device detected.

I could insert payload but it stays in RCM.