Nintendo Switch touch screen acting as if being touched all over

I have a Switch that is acting like a ghost is touching the screen all over. Where should I even start to diagnose. I replaced digitizer, but problem persists after replacement. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this has been covered, but I had no luck with search.

I would have a look into the GameCard Slot - GameCard Slot and Touchscreen must be compatible. e.g. V2 Switches needs another digitizer than V1.
Ghosting sounds like a compatibility issue. Maybe a good start…

Thank you for the response. What sort of things I am looking for in the game card slot? It’s connections to the board, or literally inside the card slot itself?

The digitizer I installed could possibly be incompatible, but the problem originated with the factory screen.

Originally the screen lost touch function, then it would on occasion do the ghost touch thing, until finally doing the ghost touch every time the machine was powered on. So being a newb I thought the digitizer had just gone haywire, but apparently the problem is deeper.

Thanks again.

If you had changed the GameCard Slot itself you must use the correct one (V1 or V2) - if this is the one which was working before I would go with the digitizer.
Do you have a V1 or V2 version of the switch? The V2 digitizer should a QR code printed on the ribbon cable as an indication.

I have confirmed that the switch is a v2, and the digitizer that I installed was a v2. Everything else about the device is factory. I am amazed that I have not seen any mention of this issue anywhere in the internet. Seems I have a unicorn of a problem, lol.

Oh, its no unicorn, look for my gamecard board investigation thread. I have loads of gamecard boards that seem to do this. I find that adding pressure to the digitiser connector, or even a little IPA changes things. So, where the touches are move etc. This suggests to me an issue with the board, but I have never yet fixed one. replacing the connector didnt seem to help. I have started to wonder if its due to the layers coming apart. These boards are super thin. I would say you just need to swap out that board to be honest.

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