Nintendo Switch Touch Screen Not Working after

Hi! Heres what happened,
Switch Didnt read games
Switched Module and touch had problems But Game started reading, Tested 4 more modules and same thing.
After 5th Module switch Touch went unresponsive 100% and stopped teading games.
Tested all other modules and same thiing,
placed original module still unresposive and finally tested with another touch and still dead.

I would like to Know if someone knows wich IC chip on the Motherboard board went dead after all that swapping? thanks!!

Do you have a voltage on the caps near the gamecard&digitizer plug?
First pin (where the arrow points to) should also have a voltage

Hi Faramith,

since you have tried a total of 5 diffrent gamecard readers, and the result of this was that your Nintendo Switch completly stopped reading games?

Could you please check the connector on the motherboard if the pins are bent/broken? Because of all disconnect and connection the flex it could have damage the connector.

After visual check you sould check the connector and the surroundings with a multimeter like DSch told you :slight_smile:

Sounds more like a broken connector to me bro