Nintendo switch turn on in stage 1. But no Rcm detect

Hello. I have a nintendo switch that powers up to stage 1.

The voltages are present.

The only thing I see in principle is that the clk of the emmcc does not show voltage with the multimeter.

The console charges both in 5v and consumption of 0.46a. As in 15V and consumption of 0.2a.

If you unplug the eMMC, does it boot to RCM mode?

The console boots both with and without emmc. The voltages at the pmic appear. But it is not detected by the computer in rcm.

And the clk of the nand always gives 0V both with and without nand. In another console that I have that value is 0.9V.

if you have an unpatched switch, you could try to see if it can read the eMMC. If you’re seeing nintendo logos on the screen though, its most likely not the issue.

Nand is ok. I not have rcm without nand.

The signal clk of nand is 0v with or without nand.

Other voltages are presents.