Nintendo Switch volume button not working after repair

I’ve had my switch since December of 2017 and a couple years back the volume up button randomly stopped working one day and it hasn’t worked since. I’ve wanted to get into homebrew for a while now but I’m unable to enter RCM because the volume up button doesn’t work so I decided to try and fix the problem myself using an online guide. I purchased a new power/volume board so I could replace the one in my switch and did everything correctly in the guide, and when I tested it after I was done, nothing changed. The volume up button still doesn’t work but the volume down and power buttons do. After this, I thought it might be something wrong with software so I did a factory reset afterwards and that didn’t work either. I have another board coming in the mail soon to see if I got unlucky and the previous one came in the mail with an already broken volume up button. If anyone knows of a fix for this, let me know.