Nintendo Switch (Water damaged)

Hello all,

My daughter dropped her switch near the dogs water bowl and got wet. As the switch was on as I was drying it it just fizzled off. (Wasn’t quick enough to turn it off in time)

I left it to dry out for two days, opened it up and checked all the usual caps and fuses. All fine.

I cleaned up areas that had corrosion with IPA. Mainly it was near the backlight and right joycon connector and on the rear of the board.(near the top right when flipped over, I do have pics but it wont let me post the pics)

That area in particular had a lot of scorch around the inductor, so I presume the capacitor and diode in that area have blown. Does any one know what the best way to test these are, Will I have to take the components off the board to test? and what values they should be?

Its set to AutoRCM and tested with a usb meter and its getting 0.50a on average on charge, doesn’t go to fast charge (Probably due to RCM) Its detectable in TegraRCMGui and does inject the payload, but does nothing else.

I have ordered a new screen just in case the water has damaged this too, as I noticed one of the screen printed contacts was bad for the back light (Currently bypassed with a wire to the board)

Hopefully will be fixable.

Try to upload a link to photos to let us know what it is