Nintendo Switch WIFI IC

Anyone know if its possible to replace the IC chip for the wifi on a nintendo switch or does it have to be from the same board family?

2 different types on Switch WIFI ic: CYW4356&BCM4356
As long as you stick with the type you original got from the board, it will be fine

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Both versions of these chips are identical hardware wise and the difference at the beginning of the part number is simply the company changing hands (afaik) so either can be used interchangeably regardless of what the board originally had installed.

The only thing to watch out for is is ensuring the chips have been programmed for Switch specifically (if the seller is in the know on how to do that) or that you or the seller has pulled the chip specifically from a Switch board and reballed

As far as I remember there is no difference between the chip FW between board revisions IE: Lite/Mariko WIFI IC used on a regular Erista board and vice versa… though I’m operating on memory here and could be remembering wrong… I need to double check this.

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