Nintendo Switch wont boot, apx shows on pc devices

Hi, i found this great forum trying to fix an switch console. It wont boot, not showing anything on screen, no backlight, it is charging the battery. First i removed the M92 and PI3 with no results, Than i saw that in RCM mode, disconnecting the EEMC i have APX on pc devices so i installed tegrarcmgui with zadig drivers and i can inject payloads but no info on the screen when injecting payloads. Any ideea what can be wrong? Thanks

I had one with similar symptoms. I was told it was in auto RCM and never could figure out a way to get it out of auto RCM. I also was able to inject payloads etc, but nothing ever showed on the screen to take it further. It’s now a donor board, unfortunately.

When you inject a payload, what is the code returned? 0x7000? 0x0000?

i had to return it to the owner but on the screen it did not got any code or any image, the rcm on pc i remember that only showed that payload was sent or something like that, no code

if your using tegrarcmgui then you got a code… if you didn’t then you just missed it

I do have one board here that just crashes when the payload is sent, and never gets as far as returning the code…