Nintendo Switch won't power on

I bought a second-hand Switch that won’t power on. This is the first time I’m working on restoring a Switch. It’s one of the earlier models before Nintendo upgraded the battery. It won’t go on and doesn’t seem to charge. It won’t even display anything on the screen no matter what I do.

  • I checked the USB port and I don’t see any obvious signs of it being broken. I also used a 65W USB-C charger and one of those power measurement things and noticed the Switch is drawing 15V and no amps.

  • I opened it up and checked the battery with my multimeter. It shows a little over 4V, so the battery doesn’t seem to be drained.

Does anyone have any idea what I should be checking next.

Oh and one additional question. Is it possible the Switch could be bricked? This is one of the models susceptible to jailbreaking and I fear the original owner might have tried to jailbreak it and failed.

check on PC if autorcm is on. In case that’s unpatched model.

to me 15v says m92 is most likely fine but 0a means you probably have an issue either with your fuel gauge or the bq chip. Test the passives around both for shorts, you can also test the inductor near BQ to see if it is getting voltage.