Nintendo Switch wont show any image on TV docked

I bought and used console that the guy told me that there was a power shortage while the dock was connect to eletricity. For that i tested on a good known dock and nothing worked, actually it bricked the dock (some capacitors showed continuity).
My guess is that the AC adaptor is bad, so I bought a new one and will test on a good known dock. But im afraid that there is a possibility of P13USB or M92T36 (ICs on switch motherboard) causing the problem with the dock.

So, there is a possibility that a bad switch can cause a dock to brick? I dont want to lose another dock

Yes, it is possible. If one of the voltage rails is shorted to one of the data pins it can break the dock. For me it was… I think its M92T55 on the dock that gave up, or something like that.

I would test for shorts on the connector first before risking another dock.

I’m totally new into repair, can you tell me which connector im looking for? the usb on switch itself?

Ah ok. Yes, its the USB connector on the switch you would want to be checking. You can start by looking into the port to see if there are any obviously bent pins.

If you want to avoid opening the switch unless you have too, you can use one of these:

Along with a multi-meter to test for shorts between the v+ pins and the others.

The most likely culprits are either the USB-C port or PI3USB chip on the switch logic board. both are required to get image out to the dock, The USB-C connector is not just for charging, it also does video/audio out to the dock.

“P13USB IC for Nintendo Switch. This part often get damaged when the wrong USB lead is used, or the USB port becomes damaged.”

Technical description:
“The PI3USB30532 is a 6:4 differential channel bi-directional matrix switch solution for switching USB 3.2 Gen 1 and/or DP1.2 signals through USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connector.”

So the first thing to test would be the USB-C port. Use a USB-C breakout board to test for continuity through the USB-C port.

check: https :// and read section: No image on Dock/TV.