Nintendo Switch won't turn on advice?

Hello new here,

As title says Nintendo switch won’t turn on. I have put a USB tester and was getting 0.19A. Working Switch Lite was showing 1A. I am planning on hooking up a new battery and see if that would be an issue but if it shows only 0.19A would that be leaning towards charging chip? If it is charging chip I have minimum experience in replacing and was wondering what type of heat gun do I need and what temperature to use? Also if anyone can lead me in the right direction of troubleshooting further I would appreciate a lot.

Thank you!

i would do some research on the m92 and bq chips on the board, they are both related to the charging of your battery and are two of the most common culprits when it comes to no power / charge issues. I think most people would recommend between 380-420 c for air temps, its a fairly thin board so it doesnt take much to get things up to temp.

TBH there are a ton of videos from creators like northridgefix, micromage, th3cod3r etc on youtube that cover replacing these IC’s and testing the circuit. Just do some “switch lite no power” querying on YT and you should come up with enough results to last you a day or two of watching.

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Much appreciated I will start there.