Nintendo Swith no charge no display

I have a very strange came in today. it does not charge or power on. Open it up and use the spare battery and fires up. Put in the power cord and it shows charging. But does not charge. pin 2 of the battery connector has 0 velots. No short on any chip. Changed usb-c chip same. Not sure where to go from here. Any sugestion or help.

WHAT voltage on 2R2 coil with and without battery when connect to charger?

0v on 2R2. Changed the usb-c port as well. still same

What voltage on the yellow marked testpoint?
DO you have continuity between 2 blue circled area(Testpoint L1 and BQ small cap)? I assume you know how to properly use continuity mode and voltage mode from DMM.

wanted to add the picture but keeps on getting the error.

6 has 5v
7 has 0v
yellow mark has 5v
2R2 has 3.1v
continuity is there between two blue boxes.
Thanks or your help. let me know if you have anyother ideas