Nintendo Swith Reballing the eMMC chip. Switch it is functional again!

I bought a Switch with blue screen (Blue Screen of Death). Usually this problem occurs when the eMMC chip has bad soldering or is corrupted NAND. I did reballing to eMMC chip and now I have a functional switch.
I used 0.3mm balls


Wow, nice work. Thanks for posting this!

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Is their video of you fixing it step by step.

I didn’t make a video. Maybe next time.

Can you make one so we can see where the chip is and how you repair it.You mention their could be 2 ways to fix this issue. One the balls replace. The next dealing with the nand. It would be interesting to see how to fix with nand and compare with the ball repair to identify which would be is the problem. To tale the right one to ise.