Nintendo Swtich Blue screen of death help!

Hello I’m repairing a blue screen of death switch and I’m wondering what would cause the problem on the logic board. I tested the MT29 chip and it seemed to be fine, but I’m just wondering how i can test if the apu is the problem

theres a few things you can test one of the easiest is taking the apu cap off and pressing on the ram chips and the apu to see if the screen comes on. another is testing the 2 large caps by the p13 usb and audio chip. ive found 1200-1100 ohms to be the sweet spot some other people say 1200-800 and anything lower than 500 is a big problem

Hi, can you post the pic of the caps i hace 2 systems with this issue and pressing the rams apu does not make screen come alive only solid blue