Nintendo wall adapter <> wire <> typec port , the wire upon cutting has 5 wires - need to understand those wires


  1. I have cut my cable and I could see 5 wires … i need to understand what wire is ground … what wire carries + voltage … why there are 5 wires … could any1 please help me

PS: if you need more details … i will edit this post later … please help me

  1. another question : when I cut the wire … there are 5 wires … I am trying to understand those wires … the multimeter is not helping … could any1 please help me … i want to know these 2 things:

a) how these 5 wires are connecting to the female usb typec port
b) I think the switch console needs 5volts “x” amps and the nintendo dock needs 15 volts “x” amps

PS: a diagram could help me …

Any help on this part ? please let me know …



  1. here are the typec female port pins on the switch motherboard(pic’s link below) … Just wanna know how the (5 wires that are there in the wall adapter of switch) connects to these pins …please help me understand …

picture link : h-t-t-p-s://