Nitendo switch OLED - battery minimum charge

id like to power on the console with its battery (will install usb port soon) , but when connecting the battery the switch not rurning on , checking the battery with multimeter gives 3.7V , is that enough to turn the console on ?
i tried to charge it with my power suply but for some reasone it only charges it till like 3.83 V , and then
when i test it again with my multimeter it drop back to 3.7 after a few min (without connecting the switch to the battery) am i missing somthing ?

The range of the Switch battery is 2.7 to 4.2v. The charging voltage is 4.2v.
3.7v are enough to start the Switch.

si es suficiente esstara en 40 a 65∞ pero si el ic de carga esta en corto no va a encender
si el de video esta en corto tampoco encenderá seria bueno verificar ic…