No boot, charging at .41A

After a random system crash, my switch refuses to turn back on. Checked all the caps around the chips to see if one of them was shorted but they all were good. Switch is also stuck charging at .41A and not going to fast charging. Any ideas what to do/check next?

which chips did you check?

The M92T36, the BQT4193 near the battery, and on the otherside of the board, the P13USB by the C port

I have one now that same situation. Was working fine but had bad lcd ribbon connector. Replace by heating from the bottom up. Now it’s charging at .41 constant. Maybe mine has to do with this connection or I must’ve have damage something g else. No shorts anywhere

Forgot to mention I was able to boot Hecate and on heckate screen is normal. Just boots into a black oem firmware