No CD drive activity PS4 Pro


replaced the F6202 fuse in PS4 pro, has continuity now and resolved update loop error SU-42118-6 but now no disc drive activity apart from roller spin on start up, tested the insert/eject sensors, both pads at the rear of each sensor no continuity so i ordered another KLD-004 to test.

I was wondering how to test the BDROM ribbon cable for power/issues?

Also is there any harm in cleaning ribbon cable pins with IPA?

Thanks alot

If you looking to just test the ribbon cable, I would start just by checking for continuity on each end of the cable, pin for pin. The cable has a good couple bends in it since it comes from under the drive to attach to the motherboard. Maybe one of the wires is broken or not making good connection when bent

Thanks for the tip, just did that, they seem ok… Quite sure it is the insert/eject sensor PCB, no reading on the top 2 sensor pads but there is on the bottom 1.