No clue! Power button twice and no restart from the console itself

Hello everyone,

I am new here and also new to electronics, but I have some knowledge about it.

So more information about my problem.
I bought a PS4 original, and it did not start at all.
After a dismantling and some cleaning it started.

I installed a fresh OS on it. While this process the console have to restart several times. But this did not happen. It turned off and that’s it. So I had to turn it on again by pressing the power button. First press just the peeping noise. Second press it starts and also a peeping noise.
Thats also happens after an update.
The second problem of this console is the disc drive. I put it into a working console and there it worked. But in this one the eject button gives no response and the disc will not be taken.

I am thinking, that these two problems are related to each other. But I have no clue.

I hope so much, that someone here can give me a hint to the place where I am supposed to look.

Kind regards