No display but backlight, vout of ic near LCD connector out 0v

Hello ! I’ve recently changed my LCD connector, but after that, no display at all, but backlight and we can here digitizer sound.
After some research, I’ve found that the IC near FPC connector output completly wrongs voltages.
Can you tell me why the input power is at 3.7v but at my other switch its 3.9v ? One of output capacitor is returning 3.7v ?? I don’t understand… please help. (Bad english, i’m not native thanks you)

Big chance you need to re-work the LCD connector as you probably have a leg or two that didnt solder correctly.

I’m really not sure about this, I reflow about 5 times FPC, change it and nothing change. But the IC chip near it is output 0v. I’m really sure that him.