No dock signal, Dock is good


Checked with the info posted, i found some issues and not able to test something, can someone help to figure out what is wrong and how to test? See pics attached.

  1. Near pi3usb, both caps are dead, no continuity at eather ends, no volt reading. What are those components? Caps? At what value?

  2. The diode(?) Is reading 1.37…V at one side and 0.090V on the other. What is this component to replace it correctly?

  3. How to test pi3usb is getting 3v?

  4. What do I need to check between pin 4 to 10? Near pi3usb?

  • filters has continuity correctly. Caps are good near pi3usb.
  1. USB-C port seems to be damanged?

Thanks for all the help! :)!


Was the usb-c replaced?

Nope… or at least not that I know of…

Hi nirh216,

to 1.: the both components are caps. according to the manufacturer from the PI3USB IC the value should be 0.1uF.

to 3.: All orange pins/pads should show 3.3V when the Switch is on. (The Values are diode mode meassurments. They may vary from multimeter to multimeter.)

to 5.: If all signals could be trace through the USB C connector to the pads on the mainboard the USB C port should be ok.

Good luck.


Wow! Thank you very much Calvin!
Didnt get secrion 5, should I measure in continuity mode? From the port to the test points?

Or in diode mode(how)?

Does the dock recognize when switch is placed in and it doesn’t display or does it not recognize the switch at all?

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Wow! Thanks all for the info and comment! Much appreciation!

The dock has a green light when switch is docked, tv is recognizing, and prompting to move to this output, but after a few seconds, it shows nothing and says, no signal.

I disassembled the dock and used the ribbon cable with the USB C plug on the Switch. In continuity mode I tested if the signals go through the USB C connector. One probe on the ribbon cable and the other on the pads.

Sorry, I m not a native english speaker.

USB C Dock Kabel


In my experience when I have these issues I typically have a problem with the p13usb or the line marked 746 in this photo. I’ve changed a bunch of these filters. I’ve also had problems with crud in the usb port not allowing it to send the signal. If the usb port has been replaced it can be very tricky to make a connection with the hidden row. also if the usb port has been replaced I’ve had flux bleed in and cause a crappy/intermittent connection


You Sir, are awesome! Thanks :wink:

USB Type C Plug Breakout board, for testing the USB-C port on the Nintendo Switch. Allows testing of all USB-C pins, if they are right soldering on the logic board.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: wow!!! you are awesome! Thanks again!

Hey @nirh216 were you ever able to figure out your issue? I think I have the same problem. I am going to try and do some of these tests to see if I can narrow it down.

Nope :slight_smile:
I think I will try to check and do more testing for the usb-c and where the pi3usb (video chip) side on the top-right corner there is a diode that looks suspicious, giving me voltage on one direction and a really low voltage on the other direction…
Those the ideas that I have in mind.
Please do tell if you figure out you issue…