No Emmc Clock means dead SoC?

Hello. I got in a switch that does not power on, it does negotiate 15v and charges the battery. When connected to tmy PC, tegra does detect rcm mode, but it’s a patched switch, so injecting a payload won’t do anything.

With my oscilloscope I probe the emmc clock line, and it’s just dead. Probing a non-working, misssing eemc board, I get a clock. So that tells me it doesn’t matter if this emmc is dead or not, I should still see a clock, which I don’t.

I do get all the normal voltages out of the PMIC on the back of the board. So it is recieving a signal to turn on, just no data being sent from the emmc to SoC due to a lack of clock.

Am I correct to assume the SoC is dead? As it is the clock generator for the Emmc?

j’ai exactement le même soucis, pouvez me dire ou se trouve la ligne d’horloge svp, merci^^