No fast charging

Hey all,
Wondering if anyone has come across an issue where a switch fast charges in hekate but not in HOS (stock or cfw)? In hekate, the battery stats show 0.5 A but in HOS I’m only getting 0.1 A. BQ diode readings are good and so are M92 pins. Got good continuity from the usb pins to M92 ones used for fast charging, current sensing resistor above M92 is good. Only diode reading off is the chip above m92 - see attached in red. I get almost 0 but don’t know where this trace goes. I swapped that chip but diode reading remains the same. Any ideas?
m92t fc

Forgot to mention it’s a V2

I believe the red mark comes from yellow marked vex from m92t36

Thank you for the info. Pin 28 VEX is grounded so I took off the connected cap and M92T but it’s still grounded. I traced the line which goes down to the 1st of 3 mosfets under M92. Took off the mosfet that the line connects to and VEX is still grounded.
I then traced upwards and removed the mosfet and resistor (in red) in the first picture but still grounded. I am guessing it goes to the right and into the via by the screw hole (circled in white) but can’t determine where that via goes.

vex goes to BQ as well

Ah yes that’s right! I took off BQ along with the big cap but VEX still not giving the correct diode reading.
I’m measuring 1.5 K ohm on the big cap next to VEX while with a good V2 board I get 3.3 K ohms.
Diode mode: red probe on ground
bad - 0.078 V
good - 0.448 V

If I remove the cap next to the VEX pin 28, it will report as being grounded. So confusing :frowning:

@jkyoho I’ve managed to solve my VEX short. It turned out to be the AJZ IC (MAX8969?) on the backside upper right corner. Now I am getting the correct diode readings on VEX.

However, it is still not charging. Switch shows the charging icon but the battery percentage never increases. Checking around BQ, my diode readings are off for the VSYS pins. I’ve replaced BQ with no change. I am getting 0.08v compared to a good board which is 0.357v. Any ideas?

Some V2 board came with diode next to 2R2 inductor may have low diode reading about 0.10x on Vsys. Not sure if your reading is off or just slight lower. I would check/replace M92t36 just in case( I have seen few cases due to m92t36 when X mark on battery icon, or console assume charging but 15v@0amp)

Ah yes my board does have the diode. Thanks a lot! Will try to replace M92.