No hdmi signal to shutdown issue..!

I have this xbox one x wich at first had no signal, i replaced retimer ic and now it shuts down after a few seconds of turning on… after that i replaced the hdmi port (original one pins didn’t look perfectly soldered) but the problem remains… any ideas? Did i screw it? I think i did an excellent job but it seems like i dont…

I’d replace the retimer again. If it didn’t go on right it could cause that problem. I’m assuming it turned on normally before the repair.

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Yes, it turned on just normal and stayed on… i’ll order an extra couple of IC’s… i’ll keep u updated… :slight_smile:

Please let us know if that fixes it.

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After a long wait for those IC’s, yesterday i took the time to replace it and it works… the console at first turn on and after a few seconds it shuts down, then i tried again and it didn’t shut down this time but it took a long time to show the green screen, and after that it showed a overheating message, dont know why but then it worked just fine… (my frustration has gone)…

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Great news! Thanks for the update!