No Networks detected

I have been reading a lot here and all over the web but nearly nobody seems to experience the same problem as I do. Bought a switch “as is” an was assured everythintg works… typical story.

The device works flawlessly expept for one thing: It detects no wifi-networks and i mean any wifi.
I tried an unsecured hotspot from my phone and cross checked with a friends console wich detected all the expected networks in my appartment including the neighbours. LAN and Bluetooth works and i never got any boot crashes or orange screen. So is suspect its not the BCM.

Has anyone an idea what it could be ?

I havent been able to check the capacitors aorund the chip yet … mostly because i don’t know which are interesting to look at for the wifi circuit. Got a cheap donor antenna which will hopefully arrive this week.
But i want to be as informed as possible bevor i start pulling components.

Thanks in advance for your input!

I have now checked all the caps and switched antennas. Still nothing.

Does anybody have a clue ?


It’s written by a Japanese repair shop but exactly the same symptom you have.

Please use Google translation.

The IC is located under the EMMC module and is BCM4356XKUBG

(However, I cannot put a link on my comment, how can I do that?)

sorry i know this is an older thread now, but i have the exact same issue. did you ever figure anything out? thanks