No power MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 7RF Laptop


I’m in a horrible situation with my once $3800 computer, still worth about $2000. Trying to quickly explain the story as much as I can.

Long story short (as possible), I had screwed up keyboard keys. It was getting very annoying, as important keys I needed weren’t responding very well. So I bought key replacements, and it was absolutely a nightmare to try to get on. Eventually 3 more keys went out, and I decided to try to fix it myself, being pretty competent with computers.

I purchased a replacement keyboard and unfortunately as you take the laptop apart the keyboard is blocked by a plastic rivet piece of metal. So I soldered all the rivets off to take off the piece of metal, just to replace the damn keyboard.

I put it all in and tried to use gorilla glue and electric tape to hold the once riveted metal backplate in and put it back together rather sloppy, because I wasn’t sure if I would have to take it all apart or not.

Once I flipped it over, I realized that the keyboard was really sunken in because the metal backplate no longer holding it firmly. I went back in and got it tighter, and it wasn’t like it normally was, but it WAS working. I was using it for the rest of the day, as I needed a break from dealing with taking it apart again. Furthermore, I was planning in the morning to go back in and tighten everything and be happy with it.

So the next morning I took it all apart again and tried to get the keyboard JUST a bit better and of course actually put in all the screws and tighten them properly. I finished and NO POWER. I was confused and tried messing with some things, seeing if I plugged in something wrong (tried a replacement power cord, even)? Not only that, but I couldn’t get this to just POWER on anymore. I took it apart and redid everything again. NO POWER.

I decided after having severe back pain to just take the hit and bring it into a shop. I did, and the guy said everything looks correct. You can try replacing the motherboard, that usually fixes everything. So I decided to listen and purchased a motherboard on Ebay for $375. Keep in mind, I’m on permanent disability. I don’t have this type of money to be spending.

The guy has my computer for 2-3 weeks and puts in the new motherboard and tells me NO POWER. He also went back in and tried to superglue the metal backplate and it still wasn’t good. So the EXACT same issue where I can’t even turn it on,

I pay for what he did and try another place, thinking maybe this guy isn’t good. This guy still has my computer for 3 weeks now and said the new mother board I bought has some corrosion on it and that’s why it’s not getting power. I said, “well, why does it have the exact same problem as my original motherboard? The LIGHT should at least turn on, right?”

He said try to get a refund for your motherboard. Unfortunately, the dick head wouldn’t take it back because it has been over a month after sending it to these damn shops. I could have just done this myself, but I thought “Professionals” could make sure it’s in nicely.

So the dude still has my laptop, I’m not exactly sure what his plan is. I’m hoping SOMEONE here can give me any type of solutions or places to send this. It’s worth it to me to save this still $2000 worth laptop that I have had since 2015-2016.

My hunch is some other component is causing it to not turn on. The problem is finding ANY type of replacement component to see if it works. Also, like I said, I replaced the power supply as well. I also wanted to add after messing around with the original motherboard I broke one of the battery pins, after the battery kept falling out as I was sloppily trying to get the damn thing working. So the battery wouldn’t work. That still doesn’t mean that plugging it in directly shouldn’t work.

Looking for a Hail Mary.