No power slim, attempted several trouble shooting steps - help

I bought a PS4 slim from an estate sale knowing it was in pieces and missing the PSU. There was a disc stuck in it but I got it out. I tried a known good PSU from another slim and get no power, 3 beeps on the eject button. So far I have:

  • used a known good PSU
  • used a known good power eject board
  • used a known good hard drive.
  • tried booting with a controller
  • cleaned and replaced thermal paste

I’m out of ideas, anyone have any suggestions?

Most likely cause is the PMIC chip that controls the power on/off. It could also be some of the small bits around the PMIC. Was the power supply you tried the correct one for the model? If you have a CUH-2015 A or B, you need the ADP-160CR. If you have a CUH-2115 or 2215, you can test with either the ADP-160ER or FR.
2015 = CR
2115 = ER
2215 = FR