No power to disc drive

Was brought a PS4 slim to look at. There seems to be no life to the drive. I have checked and cleaned the roller mechanism and reset. All is good there. Tested and nothing.Went a little more indepth and followed a video from Andrew Paul and tested the 4 fuses on the MB. They all tested good. Then I checked to two micro switches in the drive area. They seem to be working properly. Tried to manually tighten the screw in the drive. From what I gather from the top you turn clockwise and from the bottom would be counter-clockwise. This does not tighten, just keeps turning and makes sort of a clicking noise when i turn it.However it does turn the rollers. I get the 3 beeps when I hit the eject button, but if I take the disc in with the screw, I get 1beep but it does not eject the disc. I have tried the the Update from safe mode and also hard reset. Anything else I could test or suspect a dead drive? Thanks

I just checked, when the unit is off, inserting the disc will turn the system on, but does not pull the disc in. Nor will it spin the disc if manually inserted with the screw. Are the motors that control the rollers prone to going bad?

Is not a motors issue, this has happened to me twice, yesterday i tried to fix one with a blown fuse, and still nothing, i replaced the drive with a good one and nothing so i gave up, i’ve faced this before and there was no solution, must be some other component causing this but hard to know…

OK, thanks for letting me know this. I’ll let him know the news.

It seems to have popped up recently too. Wasn’t there an update late last year that killed disc drives? Maybe try different versions of software?

Putting in my 2 cents. Same here, I had 2 slims recently. Both with same issue. Fuses not at fault. 1 I changed the blu ray controller IC, south bridge and motor controller. I think there is a short somewhere but I cannot find it. Cannot update the console aswell.

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Swapped the renesas chip. Disc feed and update works. Sadly key in programmed into the chip so in this case you would be SOL unless someone know how to inject key into nor or change the key in the chip. I see why this is happening.

Older version slim boards had crappy fuses. Newer version has stronger fuses. Sadly, they are to strong and burning the renesas chip. But how? Seems to be when the drive overworks it needs to blow the fuse. Sadly, the over voltage is killing the renesas chip instead as they over did the fuse in the newer versions.