No power to nintendo switch

Hi Everyone.

So I am currently working on a faulty switch that does not power on. It gives me a reading of 0.42 amps the motherboard is clean and hasnt been tampered with at all.

I originally thought it was the m92T36 chip that needs replacing due to that being the chip that controls the charge (It still may be the chip that needs replacing)

However, before i replace it I wanted to check for any shortage well weirdly there is no shortages on the board what so ever I have checked all capacitors around the chip and the bq chip and the p13 chip its really unusual to not find a short.

There is also no light on the backlight and the backlight cable is not damaged at all.

Does anyone know what this could be?

Should i just go ahead and replace the chip anyways even though there no short and see if that turns it on?

You could do, but also it could be a faulty/dead cpu.

There is no need to post the same topic multiple times.

Please be patient and wait till You get replies.

have you tried the battery